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A.Vogel Alchemilla Complex Tabl.

A.Vogel Alchemilla Complex Tabl.
Produktname: A.Vogel Alchemilla Complex Tabl.
Inhalt:60 ST
Hersteller:BIOHORMA BV

Alchemilla Complex Tablet

Alchemilla complex is a pure and natural remedie for the preserverence of flexibel joints. It stimulates the growth of bonetissue, cares for the lubricate in between the joint and it keeps the cartilage flexibel and healthy. The tablets can be used daily and over a longer period of time.

Benefits and features of Vogel Alchemilla Complex

  • Relieves pain in joints
  • For daily usage
  • Provides additional care for the synovial fluid
  • Keeps the cartilage smooth
  • 100% natural ingredients